The Unknown Secrets of Cheerleading

As a competitive cheerleader, there are many aspects of cheer that most people do not know from the outside. Here are just 5 of the things that I want to tell you about cheerleading! 

1) Trust is mandatory 

It is difficult to throw anyone in the air without having complete trust in everyone!

2) Competitions take you into a special zone 

No matter how nervous you get before a competition, once the music starts all of these worries get forgotten. 

3) None of the stereotypes are true

There are many stereotypes about cheerleaders not caring about school, but good marks and planning university is really important to me. 

4) Lots of the time I can’t stand it 

Many times I dread going to practice and I want nothing more than to quit.

5) But I cannot live without it

However, at the end of the day, I am just not ready to live without cheer yet. 

Over to You: Are you a cheerleader? Or are you in some other activity that you feel similar about? 

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Winter Dance Show #OOTD

Recently I performed in a winter dance show and today I will be sharing my costume! Soon I will post more about the show! I hope you enjoy this post! 

Featuring the hat and performance makeup
I had to return the hat before this! 😂

This was a Winter show, so the costume had a red and black theme. It includes 

Black leggings | Old Navy 

Red tank top | Old Navy 

Santa hat | {not mine}

And black shoes and socks 

I wore my hair straight since I had to wear the hat for this dance. 

Half of the group for this dance wore red shirts like this, and the other half wore white shirts. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it looked great!  

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Moments from Performing at a Pep Rally

Recently I performed in a dance at my school’s pep rally! These are just five of the major feelings that I would like to share!

The outfit that I wore for this performance

1) That amazing moment when you practice in the actual space before the crowd comes in 

Before the performance, we had some time to practice the dance in the gym where we would do the performance. Just seeing everything set up and having a few people watching always gets all of us really excited! 

2) That stressful moment when you watch as everyone in the school comes in 

After the practice and another wait, everyone else enters the gym to watch. Just standing by the side watching the stands fill up is such a stressful and unique moment.

3) That excited moment when you are about to go on 

After everyone is ready to watch and we are in the opening formations waiting for the music, the excitement builds.

4) That perfect moment when you are in the middle of the performance 

After the music begins and we all start, it is such a perfect moment. The crowd is cheering us on as we do the dance full out, and everything is perfect! 

5) That awesome moment when you hit the finishing poses

After the dance is done and we hit our ending poses is another great moment. All of the hard work we put into the dance and the struggles we faced all become worth it. 

I also want to do a Q & A post in the future, but I’ll need questions from you! Click here and comment a question that you’ll want me to answer! I really appreciate any questions you want to ask! 

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Pep Rally Performance #OOTD

Recently I performed in my school’s pep rally performance! Another post about that will be coming soon! But for now I would like to share the outfit that I wore for this! 

This was just a really simple look with black leggings and a white top. 
This post is really short because I’m really exhausted from another dance show today, which I will share soon! I’m also excited to share more about the pep rally soon! 

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Have Any Questions for Me???

First of all, today I got a notification that my blog has 100 likes! I know this is not too many but thank you all so much! ❤️❤️❤️ 
This post will be pretty short because I am planning on doing a Q and A post soon! If you have any questions at all, comment then below and I’ll be sure to include them into this future Q and A post!  

Soon I will be posting about my experience performing in the pep rally and the winter dance show, which will be this week! I’m really excited for these future posts!

I’m looking forward to reading your questions! They can be about anything at all! 
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Flannel and Belt #OOTD

This is just going to be a quick post with an outfit that I wore recently since I am really busy getting ready for a performance. I’ll be sure to post about that soon! For now, I hope you enjoy this post!

I love this flannel shirt, but it can look a bit too loose when I wear it. That is why I added this cute belt to my outfit! 
Over to You: How do you normally wear flannels? Do you have any other ideas for wearing belts like this? Comment below! 

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Things of a School Dance

Recently my school had a dance! There are three kind of funny moments that I would like to share about what happened there. I hope you enjoy this post! 

My dress ❤️
1) The teachers almost have to force people into the gym 

For the first almost 30 minutes, basically everyone just stands by the front entrance. The teachers had to try to hard to get everyone to actually enter. 😂

2) When you find someone you know and then lose them again 

Due to the chaos, at times it is common to get lost and separated from friends. When you find one again, it’s such a strange relief for a few minutes until you get lost again and the cycle repeats. This did not happen the whole time, but still. 😂

3) Mannequin Challenge 

During the middle, the DJ randomly decided to start a mannequin challenge. It’s a good thing that I decided to watch a YouTube video about this challenge the day before or else I would have been really confused!😂

I hope you enjoyed reading about the more unique moments from my school dance! 

Over to You: Do you have any unique or interesting school dance stories? I’d love to hear them! ❤️